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Meet Jim

Jim has a track record of getting things done in his community.

Jim has lived in Gurnee for the last 21 years, where he has worked as an outside sales representative for a regional wholesale distributor. Jim met his wife, Rhonda, while attending Western Illinois University. They’ve been married for 29 years. Rhonda has been a teacher for 28 years. They are proud parents of Steven and Rachel; both of whom are graduates of Warren Township High School. Steven recently graduated from Purdue University and Rachel is attending Iowa State. Jim serves as a school board member for Warren Township High School District #121. In that role, he has improved and overseen the educational environment of students, and also the environmental standards of their education. Jim championed the cause of green energy at both campuses of the school, convincing the Board to commit to installing solar arrays. Learn more

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Meet Jim

Jim has a track record of getting things done.


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