Jim Walz Announces Groundbreaking Veteran’s Promise Initiative

Gurnee, IL – 14th district congressional candidate Jim Walz announced his groundbreaking Veteran’s Promise initiative today, a dramatic step towards ending veteran unemployment permanently. The proposal would guarantee any active-duty veteran of the U.S. Armed services the dignity of work, and rebuild our broken economy in the process.

In 2015, there were nearly 500,000 unemployed veterans in the United States. The Veteran’s Promise initiative is the first of its kind nationally, taking bold action to address the unacceptable way that veterans of the U.S. military are treated and ending this problem for good.

“The fact that our leaders allow veteran unemployment to grow unchecked is a betrayal of the sacrifices our veterans make to defend our freedoms” said Walz.

“If we can afford to fight a war, we can afford to take care of the people doing the fighting. That’s not a liberal value or a conservative value, that’s a common-sense American value.”

The program will be funded by reduced healthcare costs from re-employed veterans and savings from a reform of the Department of Defense procurement process.

Walz also noted, “We hear a lot of talk from Rep. Hultgren about holding the Department of Veteran’s Affairs accountable, but I’d say we need to take some action to actually fix the problems our vets are facing, instead of just standing on the House floor and giving speeches.”

To learn more, take a look at the full proposal.

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Hultgren Hides Again

Five months ago, I offered Rep. Hultgren the chance to face the people of his district and debate me. A series of opportunities to do so have since come and gone, the latest being a candidate forum at the Kane County League of Women Voters.

Debate is the only way voters get to compare their choices side-by-side in an election. It has become plainly clear that Rep. Hultgren wants one thing: for voters not to have a choice.

Sadly, he must know that his record and his ideas cannot stand face to face against real competition. If he dodges the people of his district, how can we trust what he’s doing in Washington?

The people of the district deserve so much better. They deserve real choice and real representation, and with your help, we can make that a reality.

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Statement on Gun Access For Potential Terrorists

Public Safety Jeopardized By Inability To Confront Terrorism

Gurnee, IL – It is critical that we do all we can to keep Americans safe from the threat of terrorism inside and outside our borders. For this reason, I was shocked to learn about Rep. Hultgren’s position defending the rights of potential terrorists to purchase firearms.

During the summer, Rep. Hultgren fought for the right of individuals on the terrorist watch list to purchase firearms.

I will not speculate which forces are guiding Hultgren to this position, whether it is contributions from radical right donors or an inability to stand up to the NRA. This view, however, is totally out of step with residents of the 14th district.

Real representation means working tirelessly to keep weapons out of the hands of people who may harm us, such as those on the terrorist watch list.

Rep. Hultgren is focused on protecting the gun rights of potential terrorists. As your representative, I will not allow the safety of everyday Americans to be compromised.

Statement On Sentencing of Dennis Hastert

Hultgren and Allies Fail to Censure Dennis Hastert

Gurnee, IL – In the wake of Dennis Hastert’s sentencing, we mourn for the victims of his crimes and admire their courage in standing up to fight for justice. However, along with countless others, I am calling for the immediate censure of the former speaker.

It is appalling that Rep. Hultgren and his Republican allies in the House would not perform the simple act of reading aloud the crimes of a man who once held one of the highest offices in the country. One could only speculate about the reasons why Rep. Hultgren and his colleagues have chosen to ignore these calls.

While a censure will never right these wrongs, making use of the stature granted to House members to hold Dennis Hastert publicly accountable for his crimes is critical in ensuring that others who have been victimized are able to come forward and speak out about their experiences in the future.

Why Won’t Randy Hultgren Debate?

One week ago I offered Rep. Randy Hultgren the opportunity to debate me.

Unfortunately, he has chosen to ignore me, and deny voters the chance to hear from their potential representatives. In fact, Rep. Hultgren has not debated any challenger since becoming a congressman six years ago.

Rep. Hultgren should agree to debate me. Debates test the spirit, vision, and conviction of candidates, and have a deep history in Illinois going all the way back to the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

“The only question is, how long will we have to wait?”

I proposed a series of seven debates, with one in each county. If Rep. Hultgren wishes to represent the people of the 14th district, he should agree to face the them, not run away from them. The only question is, how long will we have to wait?