Defending LGBT Rights

Together, we have made progress toward real equality for our neighbors in the LGBTQ community. But we see how fragile that progress is when things like bathroom laws keep coming up in school districts close to home.

When we speak of LGBT rights, we are talking about basic human rights that protect the dignity, wellbeing, and security of a minority community. We are not adversaries to our neighbors, our family members, and our coworkers. Protecting them does not mean we receive less.

Together, we all rise.

We have work to do to end discrimination in all forms. I will champion and support guarantees for LGBT Americans to be protected as citizens by lending a voice to call for:

  • End discrimination in senior retirement housing facilities
  • Passing the Fight for the Equality Act for LGBT workplace protections
  • Passing the Every Child Deserves a Family Act for adoption protection
  • Protecting partner/spouse benefits for health coverage
  • Support policies that end bullying at schools
  • Oppose legislation that functions as legalized discrimination under the guise of “Religious Freedom”

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