DeKalb Area Progressives Endorse Jim Walz for Congress

Jim Walz received the endorsement of the DeKalb Area Progressives for the 2018 Illinois 14th Congressional race along with fellow Progressive Democratic Candidate Victor Swanson. This is the third endorsement Walz has received from activist groups through the enthusiastic support of their members.

The DeKalb Area Progressives, with membership strength from Northern Illinois University students and over 350 area residents, promotes Democratic candidates who show a strong command of Social Justice and Economic Equality platforms central to the Progressive ideal.

Candidate endorsements in the 2018 Primary were awarded based on three additional criteria: support of Universal Healthcare, support for ending the prohibition on cannabis, support for a tax on Wall Street speculation.

Jim Walz campaigned on a platform of economic parity in 2016 and has continued in his pledge to defend Social Security, rein in Wall Street recklessness, and fight to provide relief to working families through lower cost access to healthcare through Medicare for All. In addition to this, Walz supports legalization of marijuana both as a revenue source with strict regulation and taxation as well as a conservation initiative for industrial hemp as a manufacturing alternative to petroleum. Walz’s complete platform is outlined in detail on his website.

This endorsement by the DeKalb group, along with the Kane County and Illinois Berniecrats groups, helps solidify Jim Walz as the grassroots champion chosen by Progressive members for the 2018 IL14 Primary race.

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For Media Inquiries contact:

Kerri Barber, Campaign Staff Volunteer
[email protected]
Tel 224-829-8991

About Jim Walz

Jim Walz ( earned the Democratic nomination in 2016 through the support of working families because of his platform that puts the needs of working families first. He is a true Progressive candidate working to end the corrupting influence of money in politics and be a champion of policies that lower taxes and the high costs of healthcare in a responsible way that favors average Americans, not global corporation. Today, his campaign enjoys bi-partisan support from grassroots groups and citizens across the Western collar counties that comprise the 14th Congressional District.


About the DeKalb Area Progressives

The DeKalb Area Progressives ( formed in 2015 through grass-roots activism to organize people and promote progressive ideas and candidates in and around DeKalb County through the belief that the power of government should belong to the people and should not be used to further enrich the few while subjugating the rest of us to lifetimes of poverty, debt and mass-incarcerations.