Endorsement from Our Revolution Illinois Berniecrats

I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Our Revolution Illinois Berniecrats. This is a group of faithful and dedicated progressive neighbors from across the state who are equally committed to advancing policies that benefit working people.

“…Jim Waltz understands that fighting for and representing community values of the people he represents is job number one, for both people and businesses, and throughout his family’s 21 year residence in Gurnee. Jim Walz has served as Warren Township a school board member, dedicated work to helping get big money out of politics and overturn the 2010 Supreme Court’s ruling on “Citizens United vs the FEC”…”   Illinois Berniecrats

They, like those of us working hard in our campaign, believe strongly in removing the influence of big money from our political process so that we can have a voice, too.  This is truly an honor I pledge to be worthy of.  The fight has just begun and we will only get stronger.

Jim Walz

Read the full announcement here.