15 May 2017

Jim Walz Announces Candidacy for Illinois 14th Congressional District

(Batavia, IL) Jim Walz, Warren Township High School District 121 School Board member, formally announced his candidacy for Representative of Illinois 14th Congressional District during the Progressives of Kane County meeting.

Walz reiterated the concern of constituents across the district about incumbent Congressman Randy Hultgren’s inability to hold the interests of residents above those of party leadership and wealthy corporate interests.

“We are in the fight of our lives; there is so much at stake: the health of our democracy; the health of our environment; the health of each other, “ Walz said. “It is obvious to all of us; there are people in Washington who are clearly in the wrong job. They do not understand what a privilege and honor it is to serve you. They do not know what it means to defend you against big money interests and the oligarchy, but I do.”

Walz spoke about his commitment to a single-payer health care system, protecting Medicare, Social Security, and about strengthening protections for clean water and air while funding infrastructure programs to help create jobs. He also reiterated his commitment to defending the benefits of those who have served our country as veterans.

Additional public events are planned for the candidate to speak with constituents across the district in the coming weeks.


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