1 February 2018

Why Primary Voting Matters


En Espanol: Importancia de Votar

English: Importance of Voting

Did you know there is no set party affiliation in our state except what is designated by your actions? This means every election cycle is a clean slate. We all start over at the beginning of each cycle.  If you pull a primary ballot for one party, you become a member of that party for the election cycle.

What does this mean?

If I participate in the Primary election and ask for a Democratic ballot, not only am I supporting Democratic candidates, but I can now help grow the party:

Jim Walz’s public voting record.
  • I pledge my support for my local party’s goals and outreach
  • I help choose state party representatives and my local school board and other candidates
  • I can sign petitions to help other people become Democratic Party Precinct Committee Persons
  • I can participate in a caucus to nominate Democratic candidates to the ballot for the General election
  • I can be found on voter reports so that other members of my party know they can contact me with critical information about candidates, laws, and local party activities
  • I can be counted by the state and national party to help ensure we get the tools and resources we need locally to advance the causes we believe in
  • I can be counted to help other people who may be willing to step up and run, but need guidance and support
  • I also let special interest groups like the Koch brothers know their foothold in my area is slipping

In short, you are a member of the party that directly corresponds to the ballot you pull.

This is why I, as an elected representative of the Democratic Party, have always chosen a Democratic ballot. I believe strongly in our values and have been working for over a decade to flip this district – first as a private citizen, activist, volunteer, and as a Democratic candidate. I am proud to represent my party.

Right now, we are averaging about a 30% turn out across the district among all eligible voters in Primary elections.  We can fix this.

If we want better representation then we have to participate in the Primary election, too.  Please share this information with your family and neighbors so that they understand how critical the Primary election process truly is. Our efforts are made easier if we make the effort to vote every time and choose the best representative for the long race to the General election in November.


Are You Registered to Vote?

What you need:

  • U. S. citizenship;
  • 17 yrs old to vote in the Primary if you will be 18 years of age by Election Day in November
  • Resident of the precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.
  • Two forms of identification are also required to register
  • Driver’s License / State Identification Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Public Aide Identification Card
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Employee Identification Card
  • Student Identification Card
  • Lease or contract for residence
  • Credit Card
  • Civic Membership Card
  • Union Membership Card
  • Professional Association Membership Card


Already registered?

Check to make sure you are registered and your address is correct: www.elections.il.gov


Change your address online with your local county clerk’s office.

Vote by Mail!

Request a ballot by mail or online at your local clerk’s office. A ballot will be mailed to you and you can mail it back or turn it in at any polling location for early voting or the Primary election.