Fixing Our Broken Economy
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Jim believes in growing wages for middle class workers, and ensuring that everyday Americans who work hard and play by the rules get a fair shake in an increasingly globalized world.

As a man with decades of experience in the private sector, Jim also recognizes the importance of making America a premier place to do business. He supports cutting key taxes on small businesses to make it easier for them to create jobs and invest in their enterprise, while expanding our investment in a broken American infrastructure supporting the right to collectively bargan and the right of students to access affordable higher education. Read more…

Getting Money Out Of Politics

Jim abides by two primary principles about money in politics:

1.) Corporations are not people.

2.) Money is not free speech.

The idea that corporations should have the same rights as people to contribute financially to campaigns is fundamentally opposed to the principles upon which this country was founded. Jim would work in his capacity as Representative to speak out against the disastrous Citizens United case that granted corporations these rights, while also supporting legislative solutions to limit the impact of money in politics.

Protecting Our Seniors
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One of our most solemn obligations as Americans is to follow through on our commitment to protect and care for our seniors. The Social Security Act, passed during the New Deal in 1935, prevented millions of seniors from entering poverty. Jim would work to prevent disastrous efforts on the part of the deep-pocketed Washington establishment to dismantle this key program. Read more…

Standing Up For Our Veterans

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Jim believes that serving in your country’s defense is one of the most important and patriotic obligations a man or woman can fulfill. It is the job of legislators to ensure that decisions regarding conflict are made with an equally sober and careful process. When our veterans do return bearing the scars of their sacrifice to this country, we owe it to them to ensure they receive the highest level of medical and mental care.  We also owe it to our veterans to ensure that they are able to secure employment when transitioning back into civilian life. For this reason, Jim has proposed a first of its kind program called the Veteran’s Promise initiative. This initiative will end veteran unemployment once and for all. Read more…

Climate Change & Green Economy

One of the greatest challenges we face is in climate change. Jim believes we already have the tools we need to combat the effects while also helping create jobs in the new green economy. Companies here in Illinois are already working toward renewable energy alternatives, but they lack the support of legislators. Jim is not funded by fossil fuel interests and will work to make sure our scientist, students and our talented engineers have the support and tools they need to move us forward. Read more...

LGBTQ Equality

Jim believes in protecting the rights of all citizens and working to ensure the rights we have fought for are protected and expanded until every person achieves equal treatment, free from discrimination and harassment. What effects one of us, affects us all. Read more…

Single Payer/ Medicare for All

Jim strongly supports lowering the Medicare eligibility age to cover all Americans. We already pay the equivalent cost for this program now without getting the same benefits. Jim will support and push for this change to ensure that all Americans have access to healthcare as a right.

Gun Control and Owner’s Rights

Jim is an advocate of addressing our crime problem in straw purchase sales and would expand access to a national database for citizens to lawfully purchase guns and prevent illegal straw purchase sales. He further will work to end the vicious cycle of for-profit prisons and the failed war on drugs policies geared toward mass incarceration and put a focus on creating jobs and supporting small business ownership and education.

Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp for Manufacturing

Prohibition serves only one group – illegal drug cartels. Jim believes in regulation and legalization for recreational, private use so that we can collect a modest tax to support the people of Illinois, not foreign drug lords. Additionally, the growth and production of industrial hemp support manufacturing and family farms with a renewable resource source to help businesses in Illinois compete in a global market already embracing hemp as a low-cost resource.